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Meet RedBird Founder, Dannell Shu

A bereaved human, Dannell knows the kaleidoscope of a family's shattered dreams when faced with the death of a precious loved one, including her young son.

Motherhood and grief comingled the moment her son was born with severe HIE and medical complexities. As a family caregiver leading an in-home ICU for seven years, anticipatory and ambiguous grief intersected daily with pandemic-level uncertainty.

Since 2015, Dannell has served as a respected Family Advocate in pediatric palliative care and hospice. She is known as a thought leader, trusted educator, and purposeful community builder. 

Dannell is one of three Family Advocates serving on the Pediatric Palliative Care National Task Force, since its inception in 2020.


Keynote Speaker + Storyteller

Dannell tells stories of importance in ways that resonate in everyone's life


A dynamic and engaging speaker, Dannell compassionately brings family and pediatric perspectives to some of the most difficult topics in life and medicine.

Dannell has been a featured speaker at national workshops and nonprofit gala fundraisers.

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Health Care Educator

Dannell was one of our most popular workshop educators. She spoke meaningfully and was able to answer questions with ease.


A thoughtful and seasoned educator, Dannell brings first-hand insights, strategic thinking, and resiliency skill building to providers who are one the front lines of care for families and children.

Dannell has extensive experience educating a wide range of providers in palliative, hospice, and bereavement care. From students to seasoned professionals: physicians, pediatricians, advance practice nurses, social workers, researchers, bioethicists, chaplains, child life specialists, music therapists, bereavement coordinators and administrators.

Since 2018 she has been co-faculty at the University of Minnesota's, Pediatric End of Life Care Skills workgroup, in partnership with the UMN's Simulation Center.

 Dannell is regarded as an expert in the following areas:

  • Family Caregivers
    • needs and challenges
    • innovative strategies for support
  • Pediatric Palliative Care and Hospice
    • family and pediatric perspectives
    • innovations in access and education
    • educating providers, from students to seasoned professionals
    • bereaved parents as partners in medical education
  • Grief Education + Innovation
    • ambiguous loss
    • anticipatory grief
    • caregiver grief
    • grief after the death of a cherished person
    • discovering rhythms of remembrance after the death of a loved one
    • Picture Books for grieving children



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