Grief Wellness Services

Unsupported Grief is Expensive

According to the Centers for Disease Control, unsupported grief in the workplace costs costs companies up to $225.8 billion each year. 

Lost productivity, missed work days, low morale and retention are the most common impacts of unsupported grief.


 After the Funeral Grief Continues

Most grieving people say they feel forgotten by friends and colleagues in the weeks and months following the funeral. 

The funeral may be over, but the grief journey has only begun.


Missed Milestones Matter

The experience of aloneness becomes amplified when a grieving person passes through multiple unacknowledged missed milestones. Birthdays, holiday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, the death anniversary... year after year.

As aloneness compounds relationships with colleagues and leadership at work further erode.

More than half of grieving employees plan to leave jobs where they feel unsupported. (National Council for Palliative Care and Dying Matters)


 RedBird Helps Companies Be Empathetic Employers

RedBird's Grief Wellness Services help companies strengthen relationships and improve retention with grieving employees in times when others are retreating.

Our Guided Experiences, available in the form of cards, gifts, and gatherings, provide structure and support for employees and teams who are experiencing grief related to the death of a family member, patient, client, or colleague.

Did you know?

  • 92% of employees say they are more likely to stay with an empathetic employer.
  • 84% of CEOs recognize the connection of being an empathetic employer and the company's financial performance.


RedBird's Grief Wellness Services 



 A Transformative Gift

When you gift a GOLDEN Remembrance Experience to employees / clients, in a season that aligns with their loss, you honor them and their cherished person. This strengthens relationships in all directions.

Show your care this holiday season. Offer GOLDEN as a gift to employees, leadership and clients.

GOLDEN Guided Remembrance Experience is an opportunity to pause for an hour to remember a loved one or colleague who has died. GOLDEN is a peaceful, reflective experience. 

RedBird offers our GOLDEN Remembrance Experience in three settings:

  • Private ~ RedBird's exclusive Digital Guide is available 24/7 and allows a person to go at their own pace on a day of their choice.
  • Gatherings ~ Combine private remembrance with the warmth of a gathered community. Available in-person or via Zoom.
  • Customized ~ GOLDEN's Digital Guide can be customized to meet your workplace's specific needs. Co-create a unique Gathering for a specific group of employees, leadership, or clients.

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Humanity In Teams

ATTEND is designed for healthcare and professional teams whose scope involves caring for others. This RedBird Guided Experience addresses the professional and personal layers of grief and loss often silently carried.
 ATTEND Guided Experience
  • Teams gather in person
  • Facilitation available in person or via Zoom
  • Select from one hour to half day experiences
  • Customized to meet the unique needs of your team


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 More than a Card

RedBrid's remembrance cards offer mini-guided experiences that transform the card into unique collaborations of care and remembrance. The card becomes a cherished keepsake.

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