One Gift Helps Many

One Gift Helps Many



Shared Community Connections

RedBird belongs to a larger community of individuals, companies, and nonprofit organizations providing products, supports and services to grieving people. Each of us brings our creativity and expertise to help people facing the pain of grief and loss. 

When You Give, We Give

Each time you send a RedBird gift we will donate 10% of net proceeds to our featured nonprofit partner. We want to ensure people have opportunities to access resources available through vital nonprofit organizations in our community. One important way we do this is through these important donations.

Featured Nonprofit Partner


Brighter Days Family Grief Center is an unparalleled “family-focused” grief center dedicated to grieving Minnesota families since 2017. They are the only nonprofit Family Grief Center in Minnesota providing free grief resources, programs, and services to children, young adults and adults who are grieving the terminal diagnosis or death of a beloved family member. The Center believes that every family member must have access to compassionate and comprehensive support in order to heal together.

RedBird celebrates Brighter Days as being a vital resource for grieving individuals and families. We refer to this Center as Minnesota’s “grief resource hub”  for the important ways they connect grieving people to resources and organizations who are specifically supporting their loss-type. Learn more at