Attend Guided Experience

Layers of Grief, Losses + Burdens in Health Care

As a health care professional, you are providing care to families during times of difficulty and crisis. Trauma, accidents, diagnosis, unforeseen complications, impossible decisions and death - to name a few. Each day you witness people encountering unexpected grief, losses and burdens.
Inherently there are moments at work when you encounter patients whose life profoundly impacts you for the better. There are patients whose death has a lasting affect. There are also moments when you provide the best of care and still hardships happen due to interprofessional conflict, systematic barriers, financial restraints, or cultural misunderstandings.
Slowly you build up workplace related grief, losses, and burdens of your own. These get layered in with the grief, losses and burdens you experience in your personal life. Both are carried silently to and from, work and home. Perhaps you are continuing to experience the impacts of the pandemic as well?

You Care for Patients + Families, Who is Caring for You?

At RedBird we recognize the weight of silently carrying layers of grief, losses, and burdens impacts your ability to be fully present with yourself and others - family and colleagues. Perhaps it threatens your longevity within a career you cherish? Perhaps your team's ability to work together with ease and respect is diminishing? We believe your resiliency matters.

ATTEND Guided Experience

We designed this experience to support healthcare teams like yours who are navigating layers of grief, losses, and burdens. RedBird founder, Dannell Shu, guides you through a series of group and individual activities. Opportunities are created for individuals to identify their needs, make meaningful choices, and participate in receiving care. Team members are guided in strategies for supporting and being present with each other. 
Each Attend guided experience is customized to meet the specific needs of your health care team. Possible elements include:
  • 60 minute guided experience in small groups
    • Attend begins with guided strategies for supporting and being present with oneself and each other. Followed by a framework for receiving care in small groups that supports person agency, fosters team connections and meaningful action.
  • 20 minute guided journal reflection
    • From the small group experience Attend shifts to provide space for engaging personal reflection to deepen the learning experience.
  • 20 minute guided strategies for integration and sustainability
    • Identify and practice strategies for integrating the Attend principles into your healthcare setting. Translating the workshop experience into day-to-day practice improves sustainability as new griefs, losses, and burdens are encountered.


    Let's Begin a Conversation 

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