FAQ Shipping

When will my Golden Event Boxes get Shipped?

All of the Golden Event Boxes (Golden Deluxe and Golden Premium) will be shipped two weeks prior to the event date. You will receive an email when your order has been shipped and a second email when it is delivered. 


When will my Bouquet Cards / Golden Premium products get shipped?
These products are shipped within 2-4 business days of placing your order. Shipping time depends on which shipping method you selected at checkout. You will receive an email when your order has been shipped and a second email when it is delivered.


Will my order be delayed due to COVID-19?

Although many carriers are maintaining normal delivery operations, except where limited by government restrictions, there is a possibility delays will continue to be a factor. This is one reason why we are only offering scheduled shipping.  Even if your gift is delayed, we can almost guarantee that when your gift arrives, your friend/family member will experience emotional care because you have remembered them and their Loved One.

If your order is delayed and has not arrived, we are unable to send replacements until the package has been with the shipping carrier for 15 days. If this happens, please reach out to us at hello@redbirdtime.com.



I would like to buy Golden as a gift and prefer to hand-deliver it. How does this work?

At checkout, you can choose to ship your gift to the grieving person or to yourself. If you would like to hand-deliver your gift, we recommend you ship it to yourself.


How do you package RedBird gifts and products?

Each RedBird gift is shipped in our signature packaging, which includes a high-quality keepsake gift box, paper nesting, tissue paper, fabric ribbon, and a gift card. This is placed inside a durable shipping box with compostable peanuts to protect your gift from breaking. At RedBird, we value sustainability and make every effort to select earth-friendly packaging. 

Receipts or billing information are never included with the products we ship. 



I would like to order and ship multiple to multiple addresses. How does that work?

At this time, you will need to place an order for each address separately. When you complete your first order, you will set up an account. This will allow you to more easily order and track multiple gifts. You will receive an email with tracking information when each order is shipped.



My order is a gift. Do you include receipts or prices?

Every RedBird order is treated as a gift. We do not include any prices, billing information, or receipts in the gifts we ship. This happens even if you choose to ship the gift to yourself.



Do you offer international shipping?

Unfortunately, restrictions related to shipping candle matches, we are not able to offer international shipping at this time. We are happy to send the gift to you domestically, and you can ship it internationally (without the matches).



I got a delivery notification, but the person I shipped to says they never got the box. 

Curiously, any boxes shipped via USPS may be marked as delivered, but they give themselves 1–2 days AFTER this to actually deliver the package. It’s a unique and sometimes frustrating thing. Please wait 1–2 days after receiving the notice of delivery. Most of the time, the package is delivered by the end of the second day. If the package is still not delivered, please send us an email at hello@redbirdtime.com, and we will be happy to help you.