Request a Private Remembrance Gathering

Each person experiences grief differently after the death of a special person. As a result many people feel a profound aloneness added to the pain of loss. We struggle to find ways to stay connected in our relationships while grieving.


Collective Remembering Brings Connectedness

The GOLDEN Guided Remembrance private events provide you with a unique opportunity to gather with people you know and care about for the purpose of remembering a special person who has died. 
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  • Gather with 10+ people of your choosing
  • In-person or Live Zoom hosted by RedBird's founder, Dannell Shu
  • Remembrance can be curated to meet the needs of your community
  • Appropriate for seniors, adults, and youth

Private Event Examples

Remembering a shared loss together
  • Gathering with your extended family to remember a family member 
  • Gathering with your book club to remember a fellow member 
  • Gathering with your close-knit work team to remember a colleague 
  • Gathering with fellow home care nurses and caregivers to remember the person you cared for
  • Gathering with a sports team to remember a teammate
  • Gathering with close friends to remember a friend
Gathering together to share in the remembrance of different people
  • Parents who have experienced child loss
  • Close friends who have each experienced a death during the pandemic
  • Teachers who have experienced the death of students
  • Medical Professionals who experience the death of patients they knew well
  • Home Care Nurses who have experienced the death of a patient in the past year
  • Church members whose loved ones has died
  • Widows / Widowers whose spouse has died


Complete the brief Private Event Request Form and let's begin a conversation today.