Grief Resources Ahead of the Holidays

When you or someone you know has experienced the death of a loved one, the holidays are full of missed milestones. RedBird is here to help.


 Meet Dannell, RedBird's Founder

 My family and I know well the shattered dreams that follow the death of a loved one. There is an awful messyness that easily overtakes the holiday season. No gifts to buy our son. None of grandma's precious baking. No gathering around an in-law's beloved tree reading the story of Christmas. No cheek to kiss as we toast to a New Year.

I created RedBird to help families navigate these difficult missed milestones. Our Guided Remembrance Experiences (cards, gifts, gatherings) invite you to pause in a meaningful way to honor a loved one and support a grieving friend. 

Here are three important ways RedBird can help you ahead of the holiday rush.



 Free Resource

Thursday, November 16 at 12:30pm (cst) via Zoom

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How do we teach our young children (4-12) about grief and loss when we as adults struggle to know what to say?  In honor of Children's Grief Awareness Day, RedBird is hosting a free webinar, providing you with a short-cut to the top 12 children's picture books on grief and loss. Learn More + Register


Send a Remembrance Card

You know the holidays are going to be a tender season for your grieving friend. How can you show your care in a meaningful way?

Send a BOUQUET Remembrance Card. It transforms into a remembrance keepsake, an expression of love and care


This RedBird exclusive card includes a brief digital guide to help you send the perfect card to your grieving friend. Learn More.




Remember a Loved One

Before the holiday rush begins, pause to remember your Loved One in a meaningful way.
GOLDEN Guided Remembrance Experiences offer you a one hour peaceful, reflective time to focus on cherished memories and gratitude for your Loved One. 

~ This version of Golden offers you a personal space, privacy and guided support for remembering your Loved One on a day of your choosing. RedBird's exclusive Digital Guide allows you to go at your own pace. This is an excellent gift to send to a grieving friend or family member this holiday season. Click here to learn more.
Deluxe = Gather for a Post-Holiday Live Event via Zoom. ~ This version of Golden offers you the opportunity to gather virtually with RedBird founder, Dannell Shu who will lead you through the seven chapters within Golden. Receive the warmth of community while focusing 100% on remembering your Loved One. Click here to learn more.
The Importance of Personal Agency
All of RedBird's Guided Experiences (cards, gifts, gatherings) are curated to include opportunities for personal agency. We honor the unique nature of each person's grief journey and the need for meaningful choices.
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