Guided Remembrance for Loss of a Loved One


How will you pause to remember your Loved One on the upcoming missed milestone?


When someone you love has died, their birthday, cherished holidays, anniversaries, even graduations and weddings become missed milestones you are not able to share with your Loved One by your side. The longing to honor and remember them collides with the pain of grief and loss.

It is so easy for your desire to remember your Loved One to get lost in the midst of the hustle of life. What will you do that's meaningful to you?

What will you do that offers the opportunity for your family and friends to come together through remembering rather than be pulled apart by the pain of grief?



Join a Guided Remembrance Gathering

GOLDEN is a Guided Remembrance Gathering, offering you the structure and support needed to fulfill your heart's desire to pause and remember a Loved One in your life who died.

Join RedBird's founder and bereaved parent Dannell Shu, as she personally guides you through the GOLDEN Remembrance Time ~ a time focused on reflection, remembrance and gratitude for your Loved One.

Dannell’s calm presence and compassionate wisdom will guide you step-by-step through seven invitations to actively remember your Loved One. Each invitation includes thoughtful choices you can make to personalize your GOLDEN Remembrance Time. 


GOLDEN offers a rare opportunity for people across the community to gather and remember

  • adults and children
  • family and friends
  • anyone who has experienced the death of a Loved One
  • months to years since the death


Three Unique Opportunities ~ Click to Learn More

GOLDEN DELUXE ~ Join Dannell Shu, live via zoom, for a gathering with people who have each experienced the death of a Loved One. Buy a ticket for yourself or invite friends and family to join you. (See details below.) Each ticket includes an event box conveniently delivered to your door.

Bonus ~ Unlike grief groups where people talk and share, GOLDEN DELUXE offers the unique opportunity to receive the warmth of joining a gathered community while focusing 100% on remembering your Loved One. (aka no talking and sharing)



GOLDEN PREMIUM ~ Designed for people who prefer more privacy and solitude with their grief and remembrance experiences, GOLDEN Premium includes 6 months access to RedBird's exclusive pre-recorded Digital Guide hosted by Dannell Shu. Enjoy additional items in your event box to support your remembrance time. 

 Bonus ~ Thanks to the Digital Guide, you can pick a day that fits best your schedule and navigate through GOLDEN at your own pace.


GOLDEN PRIVATE EVENT ~ Would you prefer to gather with just people you know to remember a Loved One? Request an in-person or live zoom event hosted by Dannell Shu. Gather with family, friends, colleagues, or your book club for a special time of remembering a loved one who has died.

Bonus ~ Private events can be customized for groups who share the loss of the same person or the loss of different people. 















Easy ways to Invite Friends and Family to Join you for a GOLDEN (Loss of a Loved One) remembrance gathering via Zoom.


Joining the Gathering together from the same address

  1. Purchase a GOLDEN Deluxe ticket for yourself
  2. Purchase GOLDEN Plus tickets for each additional child / adult
Example A: Remembering a Husband / Father: One widow and two children
Purchase (1) GOLDEN Deluxe + (2) GOLDEN Plus tickets



Joining the Gathering from different addresses

  1. Purchase one GOLDEN Deluxe ticket for each address
  2. Purchase one GOLDEN Plus ticket for each additional child / adult at the same address


Example B: Remembering a Husband / Father / Adult Son: One widow and two children in Minnesota + two parents in Iowa
For Minnesota: Purchase (1) GOLDEN Deluxe + (2) GOLDEN Plus tickets
For Iowa: Purchase (1) GOLDEN Deluxe + (1) GOLDEN Plus ticket